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Multiplication Problems 3


1. There are 14 girls in Ann's class and 14 boys.
       a. How many students are there in the class altogether?
    10 of the students have one sibling each. Eight of the students have two siblings.
       b. How many siblings do they have altogether?
       c. How many students do not have a sibling?


a. ______________________ b._________________________ c.____________________

2. Mark decided to start saving money. He can save 20 cents each day.
       a. How much money could he save in one week?
       b. How much money did he save in one month if the month has 30 days?
Mark's grandfather liked Mark's idea about saving money and decided to give Mark 1 dollar each month.
       c. How much money could Mark save altogether in one month?

Answers: a. __________________ b.___________________ c.__________________

3. There are three baskets. Each basket holds 2 pears and 3 apples.

       a.How many fruits are there in each basket?
       b.How many fruits are there altogether?
       c.How many apples are there altogether?

Answers: a. _____________________ b.___________________ c._____________________

Answers --->      


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