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ree ree from CA, , Age 10, Date:2002-03-04

1. A good friend you will have for a long time. silver and gold is material.
2. I'll let you know later.
3. you are never out of choices.
4. does fix the problem.
5. to make along story short.

Michy from Florida, , Age 9, Date:2002-02-24

1. Your friend can be your most valuable possesion..
2. When you rest your brain to think about something..
3. If you work hard you accomplish something..
4. Actions speak louder than the words..
5. It's a cute way to get their point across..

Nichole Carter from Plymouth M.S., , Age 11, Date:2002-02-20

1. you will have a friend to comfert you..
2. my birthday..
3. if i want to be queen if i have a will, it will probubly will hapen..
4. do your work in class, so you will get a good job..
5. to make a point..

Buster from Florida USA, , Age 9, Date:2002-02-20

1. You need a good friend more than money.
2. This means that if you have a big decision,you will sleepand then in the morning you will make your choice.
3. If you want something bad enough you will find a way to make it happen.
4. this means that talking doesn't get your work done.
5. because they express good points.

Big Sissy from California Elk Grove, , Age 11, Date:2002-02-20

1. I would want to have a friend more than riches..
2. I think about it over night..
3. Where theres a hope theres a chance..
4. If you talk you dont get the job done..
5. To tell people of wise disitions..

miss a2j from california, , Age 10, Date:2002-02-20

1. i think it means that you can't buy friendship..
2. i'll think about it.
3. theres a hope theres a chance.
4. get to work.
5. to make a point.

Jenny from North America, , Age 11, Date:2002-02-20

1. I think this means that having a good friend to tell secrets to and tell them things that are going wrong in your life.
2. to go to sleep and the next day you thing about something.
3. this means that something that might seem impossible might be possible.
4. this means there is nothing getting done.
5. to explain something better.

Jag777 from Arizona USA, , Age 10, Date:2002-02-19

1. I think it means that a friend is worth more than silver and gold..
2. I'll sleep on it means you don't want to do it I think..
3. I think it means there is a way to do everything or you can do everything..
4. I think it means talking wastes time or, it doesn't get you to far unless it is an old friend and you are catching up to their life..
5. I don't know. But a guess of mine would probably be because it describes what you mean more than some other way of saying it..

nay nay from ?, , Age 18, Date:2002-02-19

1. They last longer.
2. ill think about it.
3. if you want it try.
4. talkink doesent work.
5. to be cool.

samantha from cal. wilton, , Age 13, Date:2002-02-19

1. a good friend is better than gold and silver becauae they last longer and they care..
2. i will tell you tomorrow..
3. if you want to do it youl try hard..
4. when you talk you dont get a iot done..
5. if you want to tell someone something you will use a proverb..

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