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About Pandora's Box


Girlfriend from Kentucky, , Grade: 8, Date:2002-08-10

Pandora:I heard that Pandora's box is a myth and that Zeus created her and then she got sent a box and she opened it and plagues and other bad things came out. She closed the box and hope was in left in the box. Cause hope would have gotten killed. Something like that!!!!!!.

Michele from U.S.A., , Grade: 5, Date:2002-07-05

Pandora: A Pandora's box was something in greek mythology that Zeus gave to Pandora he told her not to open it but her curiosity got her and she opened it. When she did this, all of the miseries and evil flew out and afflicted mankind..

faybiano from england, , Grade: 11, Date:2002-01-20

Pandora: where some-one is curious about some thing so interfers with it when they have been told not to and they usually cuase a stir by doing this. this is whar Pamdora did when Zeus told her not to open the casket he gave her which was filled withb all the evils of the world..

Black Bear from TX U.S.A, , Grade: 8, Date:2002-01-18

Pandora was created by Hephaestus as a punishment for mankind who had recently received fire from Prometheus. She was endowed with beauty, cunning, grace, dexterity, curosity ect ect. Then she was presented to Epimetheus. She brought a small box with her. She did not know what was in this box for it was a gift from the Gods. When she opened the box out swarmed all the calamities of mankind. Thus comes the phrase "to open a Pandora's box"..

yn from ny, , Grade: 5, Date:2002-01-18

Pandora: It might be a snake in a box or a suprise for Pandora..

Angel from New York, , Grade: 5, Date:2002-01-18

Pandora: I have read Pandora's box and I think is cool. It is about a girl named Pandora and she found a box. She wanted to open it so she did. Then what happend was that all of the bad things from the world and then the world went from happy to sad..

Jessica from Florida, , Grade: 9, Date:2001-12-27

The phrase Pandora's box can be used in a psychological sense to refer to a seemingly intangible ideal that is within your grasp, but yet cannot be practiced. When a person is in a situation where their childhood curiosity overcomes their adult notions of right and wrong they are in a Pandoraesque situation. If presented with knowledge that is very interesting to not only you, but to other people, and you are told not to disclose this information, you are put in a quandary; whether to "open Pandora's box" i.e. tell other people your knowledge. Also if presented with something beautiful and upon opening it you realize that it was better left untouched because it causes great harm and a minute amount of good, you have opened a Pandora's box..

Ashley from Massachusetts, , Grade: 9th, Date:2001-12-12

Pandora: Pandora was given a box and told not to open it! But due to curiosity, she opened it and out flew several illnesses and bad/negitive things and lastly flew out hope!.

Nicky from Nevada, , Grade: 5, Date:2001-12-03

Pandora: It is a prolific source of troubles. Pandora's real name is Hephaestus. Yes, she did open the box. The way I would use the word pandora's box is, Would you have opened pandora's box?.

Sheena from New York, , Grade: 7, Date:2001-11-25

Pandora:Is a worm that is friendly to all. He fights to kids so they can get there homework done. Also he loves to talk with others about how fun school is. He jumps out to surprise you..

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