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About Pandora's Box

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Mengyu from Boston MA, , Grade: 4, Date:2001-10-06

Pandora:A myth_ the first mortal woman: out of curiosity she opens a box, letting all human ills into the world. (Pandora's Box:) something leading into a bad situation. Example:"When my friend got killed, I knew she was in a pandora's box.".

Erin Murray from ny, , Grade: 7, Date:2001-10-04

Pandora: Pandora was made by the gods to be perfect and each god gave her special gifts, Zeus gave her powerful curiosity, and a box he told her never to open. Eventually, she was married and opened the box letting out every evil into the world. to say "openning pandora's box" is to do something you know will have consequenses..

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