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Here is what some of you wrote:

3680 Name: Savannah Regier, State/Country : Canada, Age: 9, Grade: 3 Date:2002-03-09

Happiness is being really Happy!

About me: I like everything

3554 Name: Amber Espinoza Arago, State/Country : california, Age: 12, Grade: 6 Date:2002-03-05

I WANT TO TELL ALL THE PEOPLE THE WE HAVE TO TACK WITH YOUR FRIEND BECAUSE WEN YOU MAD WITH YOUR FRIEND"s. IS NOT GOOD BECAUSE THEN YOU NOT HAVE MORE FRIEND THE WENT YOU WAS TACK WITH YOUR FRIENDS.your friend. yo les quiero desir que us tedes no se nogen con sus amigas porque si se nojan les van a cere sus peores enemigas pero despues se van acer amigas denuavo yo les digo porque yo epasado por eso mis mejores amigas son ABIGIL,DIANA, PATRICIA,RAQUEL,AIDE,ALERITOS,SANDRA,JULISSA,NANCY todas ellas son las que nos henojamos pero mas con julissa, yo,y raquel ye bamos como 12 veses que nos enojamos espere que sean muy felices con sus amigas y que dios los bendija. su mejor amiga AMBER. j

About me: yo soy una nina muy amigable yo tengo mas de 50 amigas. y me gusta mucho ir a classes de natasio quiero cer beteri naria ycantante y maestra de kinder .

2933 Name: Tessa, State/Country : NV, Age: 9, Grade: 3 Date:2002-02-05

Happiness is what you feel inside when someone does something nice for you or something else. Happiness is also having lots of fun with your family and friends.I really like being happy because I feel good. I fell happy when I do something nice for somebody. And I also think happiness should be good for evryone.

About me:

2862 Name: Geraldyne Ruiz, State/Country : Newark NJ, Age: 14, Grade: 8 Date:2002-01-30

I think happiness is the way someone feels when expectations come through for them.For example, When my mother gave me something i wanted for a special occassion.

About me: I'm cool smart cute.very sentimental.

2734 Name: MATT, State/Country : OHIO NORTH AMERICA, Age: 8, Grade: 3 Date:2002-01-24

Happiness is that i get to play football this year it is going to be fun this year too .

About me: .

2730 Name: kammie, State/Country : ohio U.S.A., Age: 9, Grade: 3 Date:2002-01-24

When my techer says hoppiness I think of all the good times my mom and dad and mysilf have together.

About me:

2727 Name: Jacob, State/Country : Ohio, Age: 9, Grade: 3 Date:2002-01-24

Happinis is seeing my mom and my dad.

About me:

2622 Name: cedric, State/Country : south carolina usa, Age: 8 years, Grade: 3 Date:2002-01-20

I like to be good for my mom and dad and do not say bad words.and kids be nice to me at school and people be nice to each other.I like to play basketball and baseball i love my sister and i we can be friend when we grow you to be adults. Being happy is a good feeling inside.

About me:

2621 Name: cedric bruce, State/Country : Richland county, Age: 8 years, Grade: 3 Date:2002-01-20

Happiness is really enjoying what you do. and sharing it with others.Happiness in given your last to some one who need it and seening the sile on their face when you give it to them.Happiness is knowing that God really care for you. Ilove to be happy when other peolpe are happy. I think happiness come from doing for other. I know it makes me very happy.

About me:

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