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Happiness is ...

Here is what some of you wrote:

Name: kylie guest, State/Country : San Jose CA, Age: 9, Grade: 3 Date:2002-03-12

Happnes is important to me becuese without happinees every one would be sad. I would not like a world without happiness because every one would be moping around and no one would want to play.Happienss is very, very, very very,very, very, very important without happieness there would be no love no peace no fun no friends. There will be wars there will be no happieness.

About me: I am 8 years old I have two dods one cat one hamster and one guine pig.I also have one sistr and amom and dad.

Name: Alisha, State/Country : North Carolina USA, Age: 11, Grade: 5 Date:2002-03-09

Happiness Happiness is sweet Happiness is neat Happiness is when your happy Happiness is no when your nappy Happiness is when your HAPPY!!!!!!!!!

About me: Im 5' with brown hair and brown eyes

Name: Joy, State/Country : Nevada U. S. A., Age: 10, Grade: 5 Date:2002-02-27

....Happiness Is.... Happiness is when you are with your family............... Happiness is when you are having fun..................... Happiness is when the holiday's are here................. Happiness is when this war is over....................... Happiness is when you are playing games.................. Happiness is when you are with your friends.............. Happiness is when you go on vacation..................... ....Happiness Is Everywhere....

About me: I am 10 years old. I am in 5th grade. I love playing basketball I have an 8 year old sister she is in 2nd grade.

Name: lily, State/Country : il chicago Usa, Age: 11, Grade: 5 Date:2002-02-06

Happiness is when you have nice emottianal feelings. You feel so cheerful and nothing can stop you from smilling.

About me: Smart funny pretty.

Name: Jasmine, State/Country : NV, Age: 9, Grade: 3 Date:2002-02-05

This is what happiness maens to me.Happiness is when you get an 100A+ on a spelling test. Happinss can cheer someone up.I got a cat and it mad me very happy.This is what I theck happiness maens to me.

About me:

Name: Madeleine, State/Country : Ohio, Age: 8, Grade: 3 Date:2002-01-24

Happiness to me is when you get all joy full inside like if you get a new puppy.When you are laughing and have fun. Something that makes me happie is when I do my tap recital on a big stsge!!!!!!!

About me:

Name: michael, State/Country : Ohio, Age: 8, Grade: 3 Date:2002-01-24

yipy i'm happy happynis is something you feel please donot seal your happynis.

About me:

Name: Joey, State/Country : New York USA, Age: 11, Grade: 5 Date:2002-01-24

Everyone usually wonders what is happiness is, well I'm here to tell you what I think is happiness is. Happiness is the feeling you get when something good has happend or someone you love is around. Happiness is life, joy and hope. It's the felling when all life is around you. Happiness is more than just a feeling it's a joyful moment, a moment you will cherish. This is what I think happiness is, and remember be HAPPY!

About me: Hi MY name is Joelle. Most of my friends call me Joey Joe Lil' Fuzz and rubber band rubber band is because I'm VERY FLEXIBLE . I'm 11 yrs old and I'm a girl. My hobbies include ballet gymnastics baseball basketball football kickball dodgeball wallball soccer cheerleading painting arts and crafts and just chillin' with my friends.

Name: Jade, State/Country : FL America, Age: 10, Grade: 4 Date:2002-01-16

Happiness is a emotion you feel. This is an example. I got a new dog when I was a little tiny baby. He was only $25. He was the best dog ever. When you said "sit" he would sit. Basicley any command you told him he would do it. Oh yeah his name is Ganster Boy. He is a beautiful golden retriever. Then when I was about four are five years old my grandmother took him. And now he is 101 in dog years and around 14 or 15 or older right now. Now and forever I will always show happiness to be able to say I had the greatest dog EEEEEEEVVVEEEEERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About me:


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