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My Funny Story

Here is what some of you wrote:

Name: Nikky, State/Country : Nevada, Age: 10, Grade: 5 Date:Sun Dec 2

Essay: My friend was skating around in the parking lot and she was acting funny and she kept falling down so she would make people laugh. She was doing the Disco and trying to be funny. She was acting clumsy so every body laughed at her. The End.

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Name: sarah, State/Country : Idaho, Age: 13, Grade: 8 Date:Wed Nov 21

Essay:It was a great day we were all happy and exited to get out of school, then when school finally got out something really emmbarassing happend. I was talking to my friend and I had no idea there was a pole right in front of me and boom I ran right into it and it hurt. everybody was laughing so hard I have to admit it was pretty funny. (that wont happen agian)

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Name: Rhino, State/Country : NC, Age: 12, Grade: 6 Date:Wed Nov 14

Essay: I saw this joke on a telephone pole. The sign read: For Sale One Brand New Full Set Of Encyclopedia Britannica. Not Needed Anymore. WIFE KNOWS EVERYTHING(!!!!!!!!).

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Name: Hannah, State/Country : N.C., Age: 11, Grade: 6 Date:Wed Nov 14

Essay:Hi! I have come to tell you about a funny thing that happened to me. One day, my sister, Emily, wanted me to "make her over" with make-up and everything. So, we got out the make-up and I started to work. After about 30 minutes I started to laugh at what I saw. Pretty soon, she was getting curious about her appearance. So she looked in the mirror, screamed, and started to chase me around the house. I had put really dark, bright red lipstick on her nose, blue eyeshadow on her cheeks, and many other strange make-up on her face, stuck up her hair and even a little toothpaste in her hair!! Of course I got in trouble, but it was funny! :)

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Name: Bryan, State/Country : North Carolina, Age: 12, Grade: 6 Date:Wed Nov 14

Essay: About three years ago my famaily rented Independance Day. My older sister was sitting on a beanbag chair, and I was on a pillow. In the movie a man popped out into a glass suddenly, and frightned my sister so much that when it happened she did a back flip off the beanbag into a metal pole that sopported the cieling!! Another time at North Asheboro High School my sister was walking up the stairs to the school and tripped up the stairs and fell on her stomach, with her friends!! Another time at the same school my sister was walking and talking to her friend and she ran face first into a wall!! All true stories!

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Name: JULIA, State/Country : NC/USA, Age: 11, Grade: 6 Date:Wed Nov 14


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Name: Mia, State/Country : Virginia /Chatham, Age: 13, Grade: 7 Date:Sat Oct 27

Essay: MY FUNNY STORY One morning i was getting up to feed my cat crystal.So before i feed her i went into the bathroom and shut the door.And then i her a meow a couple of times and then she starting getting mad and jump on the door.I came out the door and went into the kitchen to open a can of cat food ans as so as i open the can of cat food she jump and knocked the food ot of my hand and took off running.Know i now not to go in the bathroom and shut the door,just go into the kitchen first.

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Name: drj, State/Country : flordiausa, Age: 10, Grade: 5 Date:Sat Oct 13

Essay:oneday iwas sapped by a allen and he turned me into a frog and i had green stuff all over my body and my dog told me to eat breakfast but would rather eat a fly in stead so my parents gave me a cure and i tuned back to my self and all of my friends said wossers and i agered with them parents

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Name: blueduck, State/Country : los angeles /california, Age: 11, Grade: 6 Date:Thu Aug 2

Essay: My funny story One day I was in my school a long time ago .I was in elementry school in about second grade.I went to eat breakfast. They were giving burrito I took a bite and my tooth was stuck on the burrito and it fell down. It was funny and grosse.

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Name: Air, State/Country : pittsfield,ME, Age: 11, Grade: 6 Date:Wed Jul 18

Essay:It started out like a boring old any day. I asked if my cousin Brittney could come over. She could finaly I wont be bord any more ! She came over and the first thing she did was trip throuh the door! I was trying to help her up when she sliped on some water on the floor ! My dad started lauhing histaricly . I felt so bad for her but than I noticed she was lauhing to! Then i was the only one who wasnt lauhing I felt so embaressed! They all looked at me like who are you and what have you done with Ariel! I looked at brittneys face she had a huge brown bruse on her face. Poor Brittney she got so banged up that day! Got to run Brittneys comeing over and you know what that means!

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Name: Emily, State/Country : USA, Age: 10, Grade: 6 Date:Wed Jun 13

Essay: I was eating lunch in fourth grade. I had eaten every single thing in my lunch that day. Well, our vice principal, Dr. Grinder, came over to our table to tell us to quiet down. Since we are not allowed to stand up in the lunch room, i asked him if could take my juicebox, which was supposedly empty and throw it away. I.....I.....I accidentelly squeezed the juice boxx, and the red punch made a bid blotchy read spot on his baige shirt!!!!! I laugh at the moment to this day! ~Emily

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Name: Tom, State/Country : Victoria Australia, Age: 12, Grade: 7 Date:Sun Jun 3

Essay: On Saturday, eight of us had to go to school because we got into trouble last week. Mrs Lyons was waiting for us at the front door when our parents dropped us off. She sent us to our classroom where Mr Cooper had some work for us. We worked all morning on the work which was pretty boring. After lunch Mrs Lyons gave us gloves and told us we had to clean up the yard before we would be allowed to go home. We had a wheelie bin each and had to walk around the schoolyard picking up papers. Jimmy tried to run through a big puddle of water and tripped over. He got soaking wet and Mr Cooper had to find some dry clothes for him. After that he was running down a hill and fell over again but this time the wheelie bin landed on top of him and he ended up in it.Mrs Lyons came around the corner and boy did she yell at Jimmy. He was covered in food scraps and sticky papers. Mrs Lyons then ended up sending us all home after that. It was pretty funny seeing Jimmy like that and funny when Mrs Lyons went right off.

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Name: Brian, State/Country : New Jersey, Age: 10, Grade: 4 Date:Mon May 14

Essay:Once upon a time a cow sat on a princess. The king got mad and ran after the cow and when he was running he fell in a hole and never came out.

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Name: frankie, State/Country : NJ, Age: 10, Grade: 4 Date:Mon May 14

I ate cheese.

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Name: Mike, State/Country : N.J. U.SA, Age: 10, Grade: 4 Date:Mon May 14

Essay:One day my friend told me a funny joke and milk came out of my noes.

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Name: Hicks, State/Country : New Jersey, Age: 10, Grade: 4 Date:Mon May 14

Essay:One day a clown was walking he tripped. They laughed

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Name: leigh, State/Country : nj, Age: 9, Grade: 4 Date:Mon May 14

Essay:the semetry clown.hello my name is monkey every body calls me 6the semetry clown because i always hang a round the semmetery get it hehe!i alyaws hang around candy mAN AND POPSICLE BOY ME MISSION IS NOT TO HAVE LITTLE KIDS BE AFARID OF CLOWNS BESIDES IT NOW THATS FUNNY.HAHAH! I ENJOY BEING A CLOWN AND ITS FUNNIE.MY MOM IS AFARIDE OF CLOWNS.GOT TO GO TO START MY MISSION BYE.

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Name: ChipperMonkey, State/Country : NewJersey,USA, Age: 21, Grade: College Date:Mon May 14

Essay:My grandma put her dog down at the park and took a different dog.lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol.

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Name: Marv, State/Country : NewJersey,America, Age: 9, Grade: 4 Date:Mon May 14

Essay: On a sunny day I was walking down the street and I tripped on a dog and the dog got very mad and I ran down the street and the dog ripped my pants of and I went in my house and my mom said oh no did the dog rip your pants of. Here is another pants and I said oh no all my pants are ripped.

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Name: Cassie, State/Country : N.J, Age: 10, Grade: 4 Date:Mon May 14


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Name: TiffyGurl1190, State/Country : NJ, Age: 10, Grade: 4 Date:Mon May 14

Something funny is hard to find. But I find something funny everyday. One day when I was in Kindergarten... we went to PA. We went to Mememory Town. I loved it there. We had breakfast , and my Grandma ( Marie ) put bread in her pockets. I guess to feed the geese. Well , the geese knew she had bread in her pockets. They ATTACKED her pockets...my Grandma tried to get her jackets by pulling it away . She finally got it. I jumped up on a rock. I was scared. :O) ----> a clown

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Name: rebecca, State/Country : New Zealand, Age: 7, Grade: 3 Date:Sat May 12

Essay: When I went to the park with my friend she said to her dad "you pooed your pants and then your bottom gone red."

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