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Math Challenge

You know you are smart, but would you like to show off a little bit?

Solve our monthly Math Challenge problems, send your solutions and we will publish the most original and best worded solutions, as well as the names/nicknames of the best problem-solvers and their bio.
Current Problem
What's the Number?   September 30th, 2006
Past problems
Fast Walker Solution April 30th, 2006
Fast Painters Solution March 31st, 2006
A Square and a Rectangle Solution February 28th, 2006
Odd Shape Solution January 31st, 2006
Space Run Solution December 31st, 2005
Space Run Solution December 31st, 2005
Count the Coins! Solution November 30th, 2005
Fill in the Blanks! Solution September 30th, 2005
Eager Reader Solution April 30th, 2005
Soccer Tournament Solution March 31st, 2005
Field Work Solution February 28th, 2005
A Hungry Puppy Solution December 31st, 2004
The Chocolate Surprise Solution November 30th, 2004
The Imaginary Number Solution October 31st, 2004
Interior Design Solution September 30th, 2004
Math Games Solution July 1st, 2004
School Supplies Solution April 30th, 2004
Deep Waters Solution March 31st, 2004
Odd and Even Solution Februry 29th, 2004
Sleeping Problem Solution January 31st, 2004
Know Your Numbers Solution January 2nd, 2004
Computer Time Solution November 30th, 2003
The Father's Age Solution October 31st, 2003
Back to School Shopping Solution September 30th, 2003
The Birthday Puzzle Solution August 31th, 2003
A Fun Ride Solution April 30th, 2003
Cookie Party Solution March 31st, 2003
Mystery Number Solution February 28th, 2003
The Art Problem Solution January 31st, 2003
Numbers Problem Solution December 31st, 2002
Mental Math Solution November 30th, 2002
Rectangle Double Solution October 31st, 2002
A Cow and Its Calf Solution September 30th, 2002
Square Facts 2 Solution July 31st, 2002
Square Facts 1 Solution Jun 30th, 2002
Square Surface Solution May 31st, 2002
Bookkeeping Solution April 30th, 2002
Smart Investor Solution March 31st, 2002
Popular 100 Solution February 28th, 2002
Three Friends Solution January 31st, 2002
Add Fast Solution December 31st, 2001
Happy Campers Solution November 30th, 2001
Momís Helper Solution October 31st, 2001
Tricky Sum Solution September 30th, 2001
A Fairy Tale Problem Solution August 31st, 2001
Four Nines Problem Solution June 30th, 2001
Like Grandfather Like Grandson Solution May 31st, 2001
Baskets and Apples Solution April 30th, 2001
Decode the Sum Solution March 31st, 2001
Odd on Both Sides Solution February 28th, 2001
Dollars and books. Solution January 31st, 2001
Odd Sums, Even Sums. Solution January 5th, 2001
The smallest and the largest ...   November 2000
Fruit salad Solution October 2000
Baseball cards   Solution September 2000
12. Cookies   Solution June 2000
6. The Snail   Solution January 2000
5. Pheasants...   Solution December 1999
1. Necklaces   Solution October 1999

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