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Fraction Pizza

Problem #37
Deadline to submit the solution: May 31st, 2001

Eat half of your pizza.
Cut the other half into two equal parts.
Give one piece to your brother.
Cut the remaining piece into 3 equal parts and save it for yourself and your two best friends.

Q1. What part of the pizza did your brother get?
Q2. What part of the pizza did each of your friends get?
Q3. What part of the pizza did you eat?






Michael from USA
Grade: 2 Age: 8 School: home school
Q1: 1/4 pizza
Q2: 1/12 each
Q3: 7/12 pizza

I drew a picture of a pizza. I colored in the half of it that I ate. I cut the other part in half, and it made a fourth for my brother. There was only one quarter left, and the pieces were 1/12 each, 1/12 for each of my friends and 1/12 for me. The half I already ate makes that 7/12.
About me: I like pokemon. I like sports, bicycle riding, piano playing, and playing with my brother and sister.
Adrianna from Singapore
Grade: Pri 1 Age: 7 School: Katong Convent Prim


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