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Problem #34
Deadline to submit the solution: April 30th, 2001

Anne has 5 crayons. Ellie has 3 crayons less than Anne. Laura says: "I have one crayon more than two of you have together."

Q1: How many crayons do three of them have together?


The Solutions:


Puppy from Korea
Grade: 1 Age: 6 School: Shinkwang elementary
Q1: 15
Anne had 5 crayons. Ellie has 3 crayons less than Anne. 5 - 3 = 2. So Ellie has 2 crayons. Laura have one more than Anne (5) and Ellie (2) have together (5+2=7), that is 7+1=8. So 5+2+8=15.
About me: My hobby is doing math and I like to play the piano.

Casey from Waterloo, Ia
Grade: K Age: 06 School: Lincoln Elementary
Q1: 15
Anne has 5 crayons,Ellie has 2 crayons and Laura has 8 crayons.This equals 15 crayons all together.
About me: I like to play on the internet with Mom and Dad.I like to play football and sports with Dad and my friends.I like to play baseball with my Dad and my Mom.

from Singapore
Grade: 1 Age: 7 School: Katong Convent Prima
Q1: 2
Q2: 8
Q3: 15
5 - 3 = 2 5 + 2 = 7 + 1 = 8 5 + 2 + 8 = 15
About me: I take Math, English, Chinese, Speech and Drama, Ballet and Social Studies in School. I go to school early on Mondays and Tuesdays for extra Chinese classes. I also take private lessons at home for Chinese because my Mummy and Daddy are not Chinese. I have a sister aged 5, her name is Deanna. I am studying for my mid-term exams. Adrianna

from USA
Grade: 1 Age: 7 School: Malbry Academy
Q1: 15
Anne had 5 crayons. Ellie had 3 less than Anne. 5-3=2 Anne and Ellie had 7 altogether. 5+2=7 Laura had 1 more than Anne and Ellie together. 7+1=8 Anne and Ellie and Laura had 15 crayons altogether. 7+8=15
About me: I play soccer and violin. I broke my arm and get my cast off May 1st. All my friends signed my cast and I will get to keep it!

from USA
Grade: 2 Age: 8 School: home school
Q1: 15 crayons
Anne has 5 crayons. Ellie has 3 less, so she has 2 crayons. Laura has one more crayon than both of them put together, so she has 8 crayons. 5+2+8=15 crayons.
About me: I like Pokemon Stadium 2.

from Indonesia
Grade: Age: 5 School: Pre School
Annie from Beaver Dam, Ky.
Grade: K Age: 6 School: Beaver Dam, Element
Enily from Canada
Grade: K Age: 6 School: home
Amanda from U.S.A
Grade: 2 Age: 7 School: Freeland Elementary

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