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How heavy is 1 lb?

Problem #16
Deadline to submit the solution: October 30th, 2000

Your Mom asks you and your brother to help her carry some stuff to the kitchen closet. You can choose to carry one of these: a bag containing 1 pound of paper towels or a bag containing 1 pound of flour.

Q1: Since you don’t want to carry the heavier stuff, which bag will you try to grab first?

Ok. That was easy. Now the second question is:

Q2: Which one of these two bags is larger?

The Solution


Of course, 1lb of paper is as heavy as 1lb of flour. Because one paper napkin is very light, it will take lots of napkins to make 1 lb. Thatís why the size of the bag containing paper napkins will be larger than the size of the bag containing flour.

Ryan Petrie
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
School Dhahran Hills School
Since 1 lb is always a pound, it does not matter which one I grab.
The paper bag is larger because paper take more space than flour.
  I just moved to Saudi Arabia from Plano, Texas.


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