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Rectangle Double

Problem #83
Deadline to submit the solution: October 31st , 2002

The  perimeter of  a  rectangle is 14 inches.
One side of this rectangle is 5 inches long.

Q1.  What is the width of this rectangle?

Q2. If we double both sides of this rectangle, what is the new perimeter?



Nikko from USA
Grade: 3 Age: 8
Q1: 2 inches
Q2: 28 inches

The length of one side is 5 in. so the other is also 5 in. That is 10 inches. To get 14 inches the width has to be two inches because 2 and 2 is four. To get the perimeter you add all the sides. To get answer two, I know that 10 plus 10 and 4 plus 4 is 28, so it is twenty eight inches dubbled.
About me: I like soccer.
Jessica from USA
Grade: 4 Age: 9
Davy from U.S.A.
Grade: 3 Age: 8
Ethan from USA
Grade: 5 Age: 10



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