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Square Facts I

Problem #74
Deadline to submit the solution: Jun 30th , 2002

The surface area of a square is 36 cm2.
What is the length of a side of this square?



Sweetie from U.S.A.
Grade: 5 Age: 11
Q1: 6cm. x 6cm.
Well, a square has four equal sides and area=LxW, in this case the area is 36cm.2 and 6x6 has to be the answer.
About me: I'm in advanced math class in my school
Dill from USA
Grade: 3 Age: 8
Q1: 6cm
keeana from china
Grade: 3 Age: 9
Q1: The length of a side is 6
In school i was taught that this sort of question is always something times itself. so, say, if you see 9 in a square, and it tells you to how many squares are on the side, then you should go 3 times 3 and figure that out. at the end you have 9. I know 36cm2 is 6 times 6. so each side has 6.
About me: I was born in canada calgary and my mom took me to china when i was 4 years old. since then i always wanted to go back to canada. but my mom just let me stay for the summers. i'm in chinese school i can speak chinese i can read it a little bit and i can write it a little bit too. i used to like math but now i don't



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