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Problem #62
Deadline to submit the solution: February 28th , 2002

Write 100 using the following with arithmetic signs and parentheses:

Q1. Five ones

Q2. Five fives

Q3. Five threes




Sammy from USA
Grade: 4 Age: 9
Q1: 111-11=100
Q2: [5x5x5]-5x5=100
Q3: [33x3]+3/3=100

On question No.1 you first use three ones to make 111. Then you use the other two ones to make 11 and subtract 111 from 11 and get 100.
On question No.2 you multiply 5x5x5 and get 125. then you multiply the other two fives and get 25. then you subtract 125 from 25 and get 100
On No.3 you multiply 33x3 and get 99. then divide 3 from 3 which equals 1. then add them together to get 100.
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Phillip from United States
Grade: 5 Age: 10
Q1: 111-11=100
Q2: (5x5)x5-(5x5)=100
Q3: 3x33+3/3=100

Q1:I subtracted 11 from 111 and got 100. Q2:I multiplied 5 and 5 to get 25 and multiplied 25 to 5 in order to get 125. 125 subtracting 25(5x5) would equal 100. Q3:I multiplied 3 with 33 and got an answer of 99. 100-99=1 In order to get 1, I used the fraction 3 out of 3 which is 1. 99+1=100
About me: Ever since 2nd grade I liked to answer math questions as well as create narratives about myself. I have always enjoyed collecting creepy crawly things such as insects and invertibrates. I received a coin collection from my mother and collect coins from around the world.


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