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Mom’s Helper

Problem #50
Deadline to submit the solution: October 31st , 2001

John is  earning 20 cents  for each day he helps his Mom with the house work. He has to pay her  back 30 cents for each day he doesn’t do his work. After 60 days his total was 0.

Q1: How many days, out of these 60 days, were John’s “work-days”?



The Solutions:


Miss Miley's Class from U.S.A.
Grade: 5 Age: 10 School: Fannett Metal Elem.
Q1: 36 work-days

We made a table with 3 columns. The first column was days, the second was paid 20c, and the third was pay back 30c. We then started filling in days worked and adding the money made. When we had enough to pay for a day not worked we did that. We continued in this manner finding out that after 5 days with 3 being work-days and 2 non working days, John had 0 money. We then put this in a fraction and found that 3/5 of 60 would be 36 work-days and that 2/5 of 60 would be 24 non working days. We then added 36 and 24 to make sure it came out to 60 days. To checked our problem another way. We took 20c times 36 and got $7.20. We then took 24 times 30c and got $ 7.20. If we subtract the two amounts, we get 0 which is how much he had made after 60 days.
About me: We are a small rural school with a total of 44 fifth grade students in the entire elementary school. We enjoy doing these types of questions.
Eddie from U.S.A
Grade: 3 Age: 8 School: seawell school
Q1: 36 days working

So every 5 days ( 3day work + 2 day not work c0) the total is 0 and 60 divided by 5 equals 12 and 12 times 3 equals 36 so the answer is 36.
About me: My name is Eddie and I llllooooovvvvveeeee READING Each weekend I read at least 2 animorph books.
Alex Forrest from USA
Grade: 3 Age: 8 School: Rogers Forge
Q1: 36

There were 36 work days, and 24 days he did not work. The number of days worked times 20 had to be the same as 60 = the number of days worked times 30. I tried many different numbers until I found the answer.
About me:
daniel from U.S.A
Grade: 4th Age: 8 School: einstien acadamy
Q1: 36days

John worked 36 days because 36 * 20 = 750   24 * 30 =750    so 750-750=0 36 days worked *20 cents = $7.50 and 24 days not worked * 30 cents = $7.50 and $7.50 paid - $7.50 not paid = $0.00
About me:
charlie from U.S.A
Grade: 4th Age: 8 School: Einstein Academy
Sunfish from Canada
Grade: 4 Age: 9 School: Pheasant run P.s
michael from USA
Grade: 3 Age: 8 School: home school


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