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Dollars and Books

Problem #26
Deadline to submit the solution: January 31st, 2001

If Jason wants to buy 5 books, he will have $7 left.
If he wants to buy 6 books, he will need $1 more.

Q1: How much money does Jason have?

The Solutions


Name: Danny
If he has $7 after 5 books, and after 6 books he needs one more, than that means that the books are $8. 8x6 is 48 and he's one dollar short of six books, then he would have $47.00.
School: Eastwoods
Age: 10
Grade: 4
State: USA
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This problem was also correctly solved by:

Name: Brandon
School: Home-School
Age: 13
Grade: 7
Q1: 47.00
State: Canada

Name: Kevin
School: Santa Rita Elementay School
Age: 7
Grade: 2nd
Q1: jason has 47.00$
State: USA
Name: Tom
School: hawkes bluff elementary
Age: 10
Grade: 4
Q1: $47.00
State: us
Name: Nicole
solution: Jason has $47.
School: Vine Street Elem
Age: 9
Grade: 3
State: USA
Name: Sarah
School: Altamont Creek
Age: 8
Grade: 3
Q1: $47
State: USA
Name: Kishan
: lav
Age: 8
Grade: 3
Q1: $47
State: america


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