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River Crossing

The correct solution is: the two men were on the opposite banks!

Here are the correct answers by Dositey readers:

Menguey from Boston MA, Age: 9
prehaps the two men were on different sides of the bank, like one was on one side of the bank and the other was on the other side. The one with the boat could row to the bank across it, and give it to the other man on the bank, so he could row across. So, that way both men could get to the other bank. .

Catherine from U.S.A./North Carolina, Age: 9
since it said two men came down to the riverbank and there are two riverbanks so therefore the man with the boat on his side would go across then the other man would go across..

Jean from mi, Age: 10
The two men were standing on opposite sides of the river. One man got in the boat and went across to the opposite side. He then handed the boat to the other guy who went to the opposite side. Both men ended up on the opposite side they started from..

Shruthi from Oman, Age: 5
They both reached different banks! One came to one side of the bank while the other came to the other side of the bank. So they could travel one at a time.


But, some of the problem-solvers thought of other possibilities:

who who from california
there is a boat in the boat

Tracy from Quebec City, Quebec
The other swam across! Just kidding. I think either both men were underweight or the other one, when he crossed, pushed the boat back to his companion.

Ammy from Canada
so the cats went off to look for another baot.

Kayla from Ohio
The other man swam across

Ariel from U.s.A.
They tied the rope to the boat and the first crossed and then he threw the rope to the other man who pulled the boat back and crossed the river.

Mimi from Missouri or mo
One sits inside the other sits on the tip of the outside.

Chugs from Canada
their sitting in the bathtub

Mandie from Ca
one person sits on the boat and other swims next to it and then they switch places.

Rahul from Ny
There will be a rope tied to the boat on one end and the other end to a log(a big tree branch). one person sits in the boat and goes off.After he gets down,the other person will pull the rope back,and this time this person sits in boat and releases the rope.He also reaches the other end.

Princess from
one man took the bridge

Kevin from IL, US
the first man gets on the boat and took it to the other side a total stranger wants to get to the other side so he takes the boat that the first man crossed with. Then the second man in the story crosses with the boat that the stranger came with.

María from México
They attached a lifesaver to the boat and the second man sat on it.

Toys from Tanzania
One is going to paddle and the other is going to hide in the boat


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