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Big Family

Harolds have 10 children!

This kind of problem is best solved with help of Venn diagrams.

There are four kids who like to eat both cabbage and carrots. One of these four kids likes also peas.
Three kids like to eat cabbage and peas, and one of them can eat carrots too. Altogether there are six kids who like cabbage with another vegetable.
Since MT states that there are seven kids who like to eat cabbage, it leaves one kid who likes to eat only cabbage.

Apply this logic to other vegetables and we end up with the following:
One kid eats only cabbage, one eats only carrots, one eats only peas, two eat only cabbage and peas, three eat only cabbage and carrots, one eats only peas and carrots, and one eats all three vegetables.
Now, add them up, and we get:
1 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 1+ 1 = 10.


This problem was correctly solved by:

Bobbi from Iowa, Age:
Ten children--Venn diagrams works great to solve this problem..
Gillian from Indiana, Age: 11
Kara and Luke from Iowa, Age: 10 and 9
sp from india from pulankinar, Age: 20
cricket from nc usa, Age: 40
wonder from China, Age: 10
shanmugapriya from udumalpet india, Age: 21
akila from erode India, Age: 20
Vivian from California, Age: 10
tyler from york pa, Age: 6
Keith from USA, Age: 10
jany from canada, Age: 10
Hailee the Angel from Texas, Age: 11


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