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Your Island in the Sun

 The Solutions :

The following are the best because with only one question they establish if the fruit is edible

Ian from New Hampshire, Age: 16
You choose any person, and ask him what a person from the other village would say, and then you do the opposite. For istance, if the person said that a person from the other village would say that the fruit is edible, then you shouldn't eat it.

Kaylee Robin from Missouri, Age: 13
Would a person from the city oposit of you say that this fruit is safe?

Most MT solvers had a 2-step approach where they first ask a question to establish whether the person they are talking to is a lier or truth speaker, and then they ask about the fruit:

Rashmi from canada
i would ask him whether how many toes he has. everybody know that everybody has 10 toes. if he says anything but 10 i will know that he is a lier and then i will ask him whether the fruit is safe to eat or not. if i find out from the previous question that he is a lier then i will do exactly what he says..

Berndarkar from CA
Ask the man if there is a McDonald's on the island. If he says no then he is telling the truth and he must be from village A because a villager from village B only tells lies..

Lall from INDIA
Just ask the man, what will a man from your neighbouring village say about the fruit, whether it's safe to eat? For further explanation write to : sushil951213@yahoo.com.

scott from nj, Age: 36
are you human?.

L.B. from USA, Age: 25
since you picked the fruit you know what color it is. and ask him to tell you the color of the fruit? which you have placed behind your back. so then you would know which side of the island he is from..

Laquisha Johnson from Kansas Mexico, Age: 10
ASk the person if they are male or female, that way you will know if they are lying..

Nickie from Massachusetts, Age: 12
You could ask him the color of the sky....is it raining....is it cloudy...and so on...if he lies you know he is from village b...if he tells the truth...you know he is from village a.

Kaylee Robin from Missouri, Age: 13
Would a person from the city oposit of you say that this fruit is safe?.

Dani from Ontario Canada, Age: 7
This is my qustion. First you say your name, and then you ask hime to repeate it. IE, I would say "I'm Dani, what is my name?" If he says Dani hes a truth teller. If he doesn't hes a liar..

Mario from india, Age: 15
ask him the day of the week or any question to which there is an obvious answer.

Joey from NJ, Age: 10
Is this a piece of fruit? If he is a liar he will say no and you know that is a lie. If he is a truth teller he will say yes and you know that is the truth..

Mark Brevard from IL United States, Age: 9
As it was explained in the story only the people from village A speak to truth. So, I would ask the person what village they were from and go there to see if it was the correct village..

kay from france, Age: 30
my first question will be: "is it raining now?" so if it's not raining and he says it's raining then i'll know he's a liar..

Jessica from Utah, Age: 19
ask him what color is the fruit you are holding in your hand if he answers with the correct color he is from village A if not he is from village B.

Kaite Anderson from Canada, Age: 7.5
I would ask the man if he was a man.If he said yes than he tells the truth if he lies he is from village B.Then I would know if he said the fruit was good to eat that I could eat it..


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