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Father's Gift

Over hundred answers were received and only one was correct!

The father wanted to give the car to the smartest son, but he also wanted to make sure that each son has a fair chance of winning.

Most of our readers concluded that the two sons had white hats, but then it would be too easy for the third son to come to the conclusion that he has a black hat. Not a fair game, right?

So, to be fair the father had to put black hats on all three sons.

Here is the excellent solution from our reader from Romania:

N.Abbas from Romania sent us the correct solution - August, 25th.

The father put black hats on all three sons, because if he had put two white the third with black hat, having seen two white hats would immediately have said: “I have black”. If one white and two black hats were put, either of the black hat wearers would know that had he had a white one the other would immediately say he had black.Because nobody could immediately call out, the intelligent one concluded that all must be wearing black so he --after a few minutes said " black".

But, there was no lack of other “creative” solutions:

They can share the car with each other..

The son who got the car still had his eyes closed so he only saw black

The kid who guessed the color of the hat have the quickest reflexes. Actually he guessed the color of the hat on his brother.

I thank he looked at the color of the hat before he put on the hat.

He could have been peeking!!!!!!!!!

The other to white hats were on the table.

There is more black hats than white hats

The son guessed the color of the hat by using probability. There is a greater chance of picking the black hat because there were more black hats in the group, 3/5.

This son might have looked in the mirror!:)

Because there were three black hats and there were three sons so of course he would have had a black hat on his head.

Because they saw the cars before and they thought that the black car looked better so they guessed the better looking one.

He saw that the cloth was black.

Because his car was black

I think the son opened his eye a little bit so he wanted the car so bad so he cheated. Love Lindsey

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