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The Solutions

Make 4 out of 3

zorana from ga, Age: 9
make a number 4: all you need is 3 matches.

KC from US, Age: 13
Using two matches, connect two matches diagonally at the top, and place one in the vertical position to make the stem of the number four..

Ivana from South Africa, Age: 11

DEEDS from Wa U.S.A, Age: 11
you put three matches on the table in the shape of numerul 4..

Mellney from Ohio USA, Age: 10
You must lay them in the shape of a four. 4.

menguey from massachsetts, Age: 10
You take the matches and place them so they look like the number "4"..

Fred from USA, Age: 9
IV roman numeral..
Samantha W. from Maryland USA, Age: 12
quiqui.2 from t.n, Age: 11


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