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The Solutions


Solutions to older problems:

The Gold Bars

Name: RG, State/Country: Australia

1. Divide the eight into two groups of fours and place each group on one side of
the scale to determine which group is lighter.
2. Then, divide the four from the lighter group into twos and place them on the
scale again and determine the group which is lighter.
3. Then, place the two bars from this group (the lighter one) on each side of
the scale and the light bar is found!!

Name: Pkumar, State/Country: India
, Age: 24

split the 8 gold bars into 3,3 & 2.
Step1: weigh the 3,3 - there are two possibilities
Step2 (Possibility 1): in step1  if both weigh the same - place one bar of the 2 bars in the left pan and put the the second bar in your pocket,
on the right pan place one from either of the 3,3 - if they weigh same then the bar you are holding is the odd one else the bar on the pan which goes up is the odd one.
Step2 (possibility 2): if the weigh in step1 shows different - step3: from the lighter pan take 1 bar and hold it in your pocket, place the rest (2 bars)
one on each of the pan & weigh if they show difference, the bar ... on the lighter pan is the light one, if not, it is the one in the pocket

Can you help weigh the elephant?

Achu from T.N./India, age:12

I think that ... there is a boat.I presume that is big enough for the elephant.
Mark the level of water, then make the elephant get into the boat.
Mark the new water level Now let the elephant out of the boat
Put weights into the boat till the watermark (with elephant) is reached
count the weights. That is the weight of the elephant

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