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Writer's Workshop

My Perfect Vacation

Do you dream of sailing around the world? Or travelling through Africa or Asia? What is your idea of a truly perfect vacation?

Here is what some of you wrote:

Name: BROOKE MINOR   Grade: 7   Country/State: Florida, US

I dreamt summer dreams, slept summer nights, and saw summer stars with my friends. I camped summer days in the rain, I smelt the sweet perfume of the rose on my birthday. I saw the clear blue skies in the summer afternoons of July. I watched the shuttles take off, I saw the fire works glaze in the sky. I watched the flowers bloom and bloom in my summer afternoon. As summer neared an end I remembered all my friends. Soon, they'll be in school and my summer will be a memory till next summer’s fun days.

Name: Ram   Grade: 5 Country/State: Florida, US  

We went to a bridge that went under the ocean. We went through Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas. Then to Springfield, Missouri. We went to our uncle’s house to stay. In the morning we went hunting. We didn't catch anything. The next morning we bought a horse named Silent Fox’s Image. Then we left and came back to Florida.

Name: Rachel  Grade:6  Country/State: Australia

My perfect holiday would be in a world of adventure and excitement! A place where you can let your imagination go wild. You could eat all the lollies you wanted. You could fly with wings. You could swim among great beautiful fish, slide down 50m tall water slides. Play all different games with anyone you wanted. Roller-coasters, gum-ball machines with gum-balls the size of elephants and you wouldn't even have to pay. A place where you could talk to the animals and they would talk back to you. But even if you never get to go to an adventure as great as this, at least, you have a great imagination to imagine it!


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