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Writer's Workshop

One Day in My Mother's Life

Try to see your mother in a new light. What are the things she has to accomplish in one day, what are all the things she does for your family?

Here is what some of you wrote:

Name: Nicole  Age: 11

My mom.
Mothers’ lives are the hardest. They do so much for us. Think about your mom. She has done an awful lot for you. More than you know. She might pay the bills. She works. She gets you to practices and classes. She drives you to school if you get up late. She schedules appointments. Every day she does that and much more. Make sure to thank her.

Name: Heather  Country/State: CA   Age: 11

I come to think about how much my mother
does for me everyday of my life. She’s there for me every step of
the way, in good times or bad, she’s there. Mothers are
probably under a lot of stress, because a lot of
them work all day cleaning the house, and then, when
the kids come home, they turn the house into a mess again. I know how my
mother feels when that happens because I have to share a
room with my younger sister. I feel so sorry for my
mom at times and I help her around the house when
that happens. Think about it, from the
time you wake to the time you go to bed she’s
helping you, taking care of you, loving you, surprising you,
and there are many more things I could say but then it
would be a lot to read. Also, she teaches you a new lesson everyday.
When you were a baby she taught you to walk, then she taught
you to read, write, talk right, do the right things, be polite,
and many other things. But what I'm trying to say here is appreciate
your mother more, because she
loves you with all her heart and she
would never trade that for anything in the world.
I love my mom and I know you love yours to.

Name: Britt Age:12

First of all, my mother does the best she can by taking good care of me and so does my dad. I think my mother is very special. She cooks dinner, works to put clothes on my back and buys me supplies for school. If I spent one day in my mother’s body, I would do more work for her than she usually does, because she’s that special. One of the things she does for me and my dad is to take us to the gym. She also takes us swimming, stays up, and takes bike rides with my dad and me. She does all that, then, she sleeps for a couple of hours, and then she goes to work at night. She is the greatest mom anyone could have. Another thing that my mom does is take us to water parks. Last but not least, my mom takes us on family trips to Las Vegas and Texas and other states to see our family.

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