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Our Mission

Our mission is to  provide the highest quality, easily accessible and most affordable online educational content  to schools and families.

Mastering basic skills in math and reading is a gateway to success in the modern economy. If a child does not acquire these crucial skills early enough, then (s)he misses the important foundation for all of  future learning.


Our mission is to ensure that you:

  • master the basic academic skills
  • are exposed to challenging problems and tasks
  • do creative things
  • gain work habits and discipline
  • gain self-confidence through academic accomplishments
  • enjoy yourselves while doing all of the above


Learning does not stop at the school gate.

Parents and caregivers who are involved in their child's education ensure their child's academic success and the child's future.

Our mission is to provide you with the right tools to help your child  succeed academically.


  • is a one-stop place where you can find a systematic, detailed, focused coverage on a subject topic your child needs to learn.
  • will help you achieve maximum results for any amount of time you can afford to spend on your child's learning at home.
  • spares your family budget by providing the best educational  content at a low cost.


You try very hard to teach your students the basic skills, to challenge and develop their minds. The growing body of knowledge that kids should acquire at an early age, and the typical class sizes make it hard for teachers  to pay attention to  students'  individual needs.

Our mission is to:

  • enhance and maximize your ability to to teach, visualize, reinforce and practice any topic your students need to master.
  • to promote parent-teacher cooperation by making our products easily available and affordable both to schools and homes. 

Our Web Site

Dositey.com is a leading provider of  Internet based lessons, courses, exercises, worksheets , and  other critical thinking activities.

FREE Content

Free content on Dositey.com covers a broad array of short, interactive lessons, games, worksheets, puzzles,open-ended problems and other activities.

Lively animated lessons, exercises and games are designed to teach in a fast and effective way.

These can be used for quick daily reviews of  the subject matter covered in school.

You will be amazed  what 10-15 minutes of regular practice can do for your child's or your students' academic success.


Premium content on Dositey.com is organized  into Mini-Courses and Practice Packs.

Dositey Mini-Courses

A Dositey Mini-Course  contains all that a child needs to properly master a specific topic (for example: Multiplication of Two-Digit Numbers).

It provides interactive and printable step-by-step tutorials, follow-up games and exercises to reinforce what was learned in the tutorials, after which young learners are introduced to more complex problems and as a final step they do the test where their understanding  of that topic is evaluated.

Our Company

Dositey Corporation is headquartered  in Boston, MA.  Our creative and development teams are based both in Europe and United States. 

Because of our low organizational and marketing costs we can offer the best educational content at the lowest possible price.

Contact Us

Dositey Corporation
P.O. BOX 45
Carlisle, MA 01741



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