Addition and Subtraction - Story Problems

1.Danielís mom decorated the yard with 11 balloons for Danielís birthday party. Three balloons flew away. How many balloons are left?

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2.There were 12 beautiful butterflies in Michaelís flower garden. Few minutes later when Michael looked at the garden again he counted only 7 butterflies. How many butterflies flew away from the garden?

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3.Mom put 7 chocolate glazed donuts on one plate and 9 cream filled donuts on another plate. How many donuts are there in all?

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4. Julia loaned several markers from Sonia. The next day she returned 8 markers to Sonia. Sonia said that 2 markers are missing. How many markers did Sonia give to Julia?

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5.There were 8 passengers in the bus. At the next stop 6 more passengers got on into the bus. How many passengers are there in the bus now?

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