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Multiplication Problems 2


1. Birthday Party Plans:
Invite 7 of your friends to your party and choose one of the following activities:
Have a chocolate cake - $2 per person.
Have a skating party - $5 per person.
Have a football game in the backyard - free (Hint - $0 per person), and then have lemonade after the game - 50 c per person.
Your answer: I choose to have________________________

The total cost will be_____________________

Hint: Do not forget to include yourself.

2. Maria wants to buy 3 bus tickets. They cost 60 cents each.
How much money does she need?

Hint: One dollar has one hundred cents.

Answer: ____________________________


3. Samantha bought a drink for 60 cents. She paid with 3 quarters.
How much money did Samantha get back?

Answer: ___________________________


4. Bob bought 2 packages of candy.
There are 15 pieces of candy in each package.
How many pieces did he have altogether?

Answer: _______________________________

5. There are 6 cats and 2 parrots in the room.
How many legs are there altogether?

Answer: ____________________



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