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Multiplication Problems #1


1. A spider has 8 legs. If there are 4 spiders, how many legs are there in all?

Answer: __________________________

2. There are 6 eggs in each nest.

If there are 4 nests, how many eggs are there altogether?


3. Mom brought 7 plates with 3 donuts on each plate. How many donuts were there altogether?

Answer: ___________________________

4. David has 5 boxes with 8 baseball cards in each. How many baseball cards does he have altogether?

Answer: __________________________

5. There are 4 plates with 2 cupcakes and 3 scoops of ice cream on each plate.
a.How many cupcakes are there in all?
b. How many scoops of ice cream are there in all?


a. ____________________________


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