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Short and Long Vowels

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Reading and Writing Skills

Early Reading

The Beginning Readers Course

Unit 1
  • Magic Word Show
    Click on the words and hear them spoken.
  • Cat and Words from the Hat
    Click on the Cat to hear a word and then click on the button with that word.
  • Parrot the Words
    Three parrots will say one word each. Read the word on the bird stand. Drag and place on the stand the parrot that says the written word.
  • The Word-Dropping Cat 1
    Read the sentence. One word is missing. Find and then click on the missing word. For a hint click on the Mouse to hear the complete sentence.
  • The Word-Scrambling Cat
    Arrange the words to make a sentence. For a hint, click on the Mouse to hear the sentence.
  • The Wild, Wild Sentences
    Go wild with words! From the group of random words select a few and arrange them to create a sentence of your own. Then click on the Cat to hear your sentence spoken.
  • Read the Story: Sam and his Dog
    Read the story and answer the questions. Click on the sentences you have difficulty reading to hear them spoken.

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  • Bookmarks
    Create and decorate these bookmarks and use them to write unfamiliar words.