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Language Arts


  • Missing Letters
    Complete the words with missing letters.
  • Find A Word
    Look for these words in a word search puzzle: boy, girl, children, woman, people, baby, the, is.

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Reading and Writing Skills


  • Bookmarks
    Create and decorate these bookmarks and use them to write unfamiliar words.


They sound the same, but mean different things. Do you know how to use them correctly?
  • Your or You're  tablet-friendly activity
    Is it "your book" or "you're book" ? Find out by playing the Tile Puzzle.
  • Its or It's!  tablet-friendly activity
    Is it "it's ok" or "its ok"? Find out by playing the Tile Puzzle.
  • Their, There, They,re  tablet-friendly activity
    Is it "go there" or "go their"? Find out by playing the Tile Puzzle.

tablet-friendly activity - Tablet-friendly activity

Critical Thinking Skills

  • Proverbs
    Think about these proverbs and their meanings.
  • Pandora's Box
    Find out about Pandora and her box and write an essay about them.