Welcome to Dositey.com!

Dositey.com offers a dynamic collection of interactive educational modules and printable worksheets for grades K-8.

By integrating Dositey.com into your class curriculum you will:

Enhance your teaching methods.
Add a visual and interactive component with Step-By-Step lessons and exercises.
Try Adding 2-Digit Numbers Lesson, Adding 2-Digit Numbers Exercise

Turn drills into fun.
For each subject topic Dositey.com provides games, interactive exercises, and printable worksheets. Kids will not get bored while doing them, and they'll come back for more!
Try: Mystery-Picture Game, Memory Game, and Multiplication Table Practice Worksheet.

Involve your student's parents.
Parents want to be informed and want their kids to achieve and score well on the state tests.
Recommend Dositey.com lessons, exercises, games, and worksheets to parents, because with as little as 10 minutes of afterschool work, your students can be prepared for class every day.

Have your kids come to school prepared.
When kids have enough time to master material introduced in school, teachers have easier time taking kids to the next level or a new curricullum topic.

When you purchase any of our interactive products, your kids can use them both at school and at home. This will give kids the extra time necessary to really master material taught in school that day.

See DEMO how you can easily assign a lesson or exercise as a homework and kids can access them from home when they log on.

Dositey products are:

  • Online
    • No CD, no installation hassle. Just login and start a session.
  • Highly-interactive
    • Interactivity gives kids control and keeps them focused.
  • Self-paced, self-correcting
    • Kids learn at their own pace, with freedom to repeat lessons or practice sessions instantly.
    • They are alerted when they give a wrong answer and are helped or given another chance to answer correctly.
  • Fun
    • We provide rigorous learning material in a game-like manner that's fun for kids. It keeps them engaged and interested.

  • A cost-effective solution
    • The prices we offer are very competitive. Our programs cost often less than $3.00 per student per year.
    • You can literally provide for these programs with an in-class bake sale!
  • Ensures mastery of the curriculum
    • The interactive lessons and worksheets are accessible from home, so kids get extra time practicing

Special features of our products are:

  • Free worksheets
    • Each interactive practice session is accompanied by reproducible worksheets.
    • You can print them and use them offline as many times as you wish.
  • Tests and progress reports
    • There are end-of-the-unit online tests. The scores give student instant feedback how well he/she is doing.

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