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Quick solution to your child's learning needs

Dositey products consist of interactive, step-by-step tutorials designed to help students learn at their own pace.

Each product covers a single Math or Language Art topic, enabling students to stay focused and master the given topic quickly.

Buy what you need when you need it

Your child may be very good at understaning some topics or concepts of the Math and Language Arts curriculum, and yet struggle with the others.

Unlike most other online educational products, with Dositey you only choose the topics that your child needs, instead of having to pay subscriptions to entire packages or websites.

We'll be adding products with new topics each month, so each month there will be a wider choice of topics to choose from.

Free Activities

Short, quick lessons, practice exercises, challenging math problems and printable worksheets.

Ideal for a quick after-school or in-class review.

Welcome to the all new Dositey!


What's new?

Products & Offerings

  • More products
  • Classroom use: Teachers can assign Dositey products as homework and students can access Dositey from home.
  • Home use: One product license covers all kids in the family.

Free Activities

  • Easier navigation
  • Easier submission to open-ended activities like Math Challenge, Alien and others.

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