Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome to Dositey.com!

If you are short on time but want to have a larger role in the learning process of your child, or if you are homeschooling a child and want a good core curriculum in Math and Language Arts, then Dositey.com is just the right place for you.

Our interactive lessons and exercises are in the form of single-topic, compact units and are especially designed to be fun and easy to use. You will also find a wide choice of printable worksheets, activities, and creative assignments in the form of open-ended questions.

You'll benefit most from Dositey.com if you make it a part of your child's daily routine. We offer a variety of games and exercises for each topic, so kids will not get bored doing them.
Ten to fifteen minutes of daily exercises will do wonders for your child's success in school.

Dositey.com is growing fast and we are continually adding new content to the site.

We listen to your comments and are receptive to your suggestions. So please do not hesitate to contact us if there is something you feel could use some improvement or if there is something you particularly like about the site.






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