My Holiday Story

We all enjoy holidays. This is usually the time of family reunions and revival of some forgotten family traditions.

What is your favorite holiday? How do you celebrate it with your family? Is there a particular holiday celebration you especially remember?

Do you have a holiday story to tell?


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ty from United States
School: stephens elementry
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Explanation: It was December,25,2014 . Me and my mom wrapped up presents to send to my sister,Tarijah,she is only seven and need a heart transplant. She is all the way in Little Rock,AR.We wrapped her dozen of presents. We wrapped toys ,games ,and nail polish for her nail salon in the hospital.One day me and my mom called my dad he said,''We could come up there to Little Rock.'' We were so exicted to go up there.When we got there we saw lots of stuff. So many stuff we decided to take pictures.When we got there ,she was so happy to see us and we were happy to see her too!
About Me:     i am 10 years old .in a 4th grade . i love to readand write. get straight As no Bs ,Cs, Ds or Fs

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