Weather Prognosis

If it rains at midnight can we expect sunny weather in 72 hours?

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ghjking from United States
School: elemontioy
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Your answer: Yes
Explanation: cxeghvfhghjgtghgjhjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
About Me:     bhvx yctghj nfbndefbvnjvbg ndekfjb hjnkmqwdvhbnm

MONKEY from United States
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Your answer: no
Explanation: no no NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
About Me:     I LOVE to eat PIZZA!!!

NOYB from Virgin Islands, U.S
School: Antartica
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Your answer: nope
About Me:     Im untouched!

Ethan Baird Brackett from United States
School: Blue Heron Elementary
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Your answer: maybe,
Explanation: because barely anyone knows when it will stop or how long it will last. 
About Me:     I'm in Mrs. Bowlby`s class.

General Grievious from United States
School: home
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Your answer: yes
Explanation: because that's over 2 days away

cliff from United States
School: davis
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Your answer: yes
About Me:     diebvjsbgjhwlkrgnaNDlkveroiglwedvkjb vbrkjgbshg o piiwdhfouwe rscahfouwehtuqeh fdu vefiqwh f08f8 qwuhfaefh uwery89qeyfo yuuqeuy4tgwe fqeut  rwf[ gwr8tgy r89f w89 yfviad gu9wrsh f  fa esg sd dj hvs dv shdh vsdjvh jds hvd hjv hdjhv d jdh vj hdjv djvh;osdh

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