Flag Ceremony

In a flag hosting ceremony, children are standing in the form of a square with the flag in the centre. There are 5 children standing along each side of the square.

Can you count how many children are attending the flag hosting ceremony?

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muffin man from United States
School: jimmy the cow
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Solution: 20
About Me:     cows

eg from United States
School: aegtr
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Solution: 5 children
About Me:     im awesome

chris from United States
School: matsunaga elementry
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Solution: my solution is 5 peole in the seromony
About Me:     nds and i like my school teacher and my friends and cusins and keep stuff to my self and mine my own bussines and whatever  my teacher says i do it and send messeges to other classes

fefe from United States
School: southdavisjuniorhigh
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Solution: 26
About Me:     I am a cheerleader

Jo from Australia
School: fairfield
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Solution: 25
About Me:     I'm a teacher

bob from Bosnia and Herzegovina
School: jor
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Solution: 25
About Me:     hi

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