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What is the minimum number of weighing operations required to measure 63 kg of wheat, if only one weight of 1 kg is available?

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trin from United States
School: cedar heights
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Your answer: 44kg
Explanation: because if you put 63kg on a wight equal 44kg
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perf and fab from United States
School: International School of Beaverton
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Your answer: 6
Explanation: I pretty much drew out the problem to figure out how much wheat there would be at each time. So 1=1 2=3 3=7 4=15 and from there I realized the pattern was multiply by two and add 1 so the next would be 5=31 and then finally 6=63
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Alien from Australia
School: TKIS
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Your answer: 63 times
Explanation: 1x63= 63
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armonde from United States
School: brunswick
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Your answer: 2.2 pounds
Explanation: Measure by kg
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Manoj from India
School: St xaviers
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Your answer: 63
Explanation: Add1 63times

Anonymous from Somewhere
School: Some School
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Your answer: 7
Explanation: First, measure 1 kg of wheat. Then transfer the 1 kg to the other side with the weight. Doing this lets u weigh 2 kg of wheat. Then transfer and repeat so you can measure 4 kg. Then 8kg the 16 kg then 32kg and lastly 64kg. That gets 6 operations. But you have to find 63 so measure 1 kg and take that off. That makes 7 operations.

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