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What is the minimum number of weighing operations required to measure 63 kg of wheat, if only one weight of 1 kg is available?

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john rey from Philippines
School: GFIS
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Your answer: 63
Explanation: because the 63 kg of wheat if only one weight of 1 kg 
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Anonymous from Somewhere
School: Some School
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Your answer: 163
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Teju from India
School: Maharishi Vidya Mandir
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Your answer: 62
Explanation: because 63-1=62
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Lebone from Canada
School: Downie Central
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Your answer: 3
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Shaka Prynne from United States
School: Richmond Elementary
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Your answer: If I want to minimize trips to teh scale, I'd say 7.
Explanation: OK, the scale only weighs 1Kg at a time, but wheat has a uniform density, so I ask my workers to make nine fairly equal piles of wheat. Then I take one pile of wheat and weigh it in 1kg increments. Nine is a good number because it is the largest number you can remember without writing it down. Each pile should weigh whatever it weighs (actually 7kg), and with a weight of 1kg, it's seven trips to the scale. Of course you have the work of shoveling all those piles.

someone from Antigua and Barbuda
School: crazy elementary
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Your answer: 63
Explanation: i think it's 63 cause it is 63!! -3-
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