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Happiness is...

Pause and be philosophical for a moment. Think about what happiness is.


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Luis from United States
School: Weddington
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Explanation: Happiness to me is going kayaking with my family. Happiness to is hanging out with my friends. Happiness to me is playing video games. Happiness to me is playing baseball. Happiness to me is going fishing with my family. Happiness to me is what I EARN!
About Me:     I like to play video games. I like to play baseball. I like to go kayaking. I'm 9 years old. I like to play with my friends.  I like to go fishing.

Anonymous from Somewhere
School: Some School
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Explanation: The truth

naynay from United States
School: lille.c.evans k-8 center
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Explanation: this is kind of ok
About Me:     i kind of dont like frogs

Abdul from Canada
School: Camilla Road Senior Public School
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Explanation: Happiness is family. Happiness is good dreams. Happiness is all the little things that make life fun. Happiness is going to places like Paris, France, Germany and hanging out with your friends. 

serah from United States
School: leberger
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Explanation: happiness is a feeling of goodness  
About Me:     i am nice and kind.

meile from Lithuania
School: kedainiu ryto pagrindine mokykla
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Explanation: laime tai graziausias jausmas ja gali ir apsidziaugti ir ne bet nereikia kitiems pavydeti nes $laime taves neaplankys niekada.
About Me:     esu mielas mazas zmogus mokausi gerai moku kitus pralinksminti prajuokinti esu draugiska nuosirdi gyvename keturiese as sese agne tetis renatas ir mama rasa turiu ir suni bucki toi terjero veisles

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