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Happiness is...

Pause and be philosophical for a moment. Think about what happiness is.


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Angel from United States
School: Homeschool
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Explanation: Happiness is trust,love,encouragement,and your family! Without friends,  parents,and even siblings,who we sometimes think we hate,we couldn't  be happy. Also, another reason that so many people lack happiness is  because they don't have jesus.
About Me:     I am happy.

Robert from United States
School: Haley Academy
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Explanation: When you are feeling down jump up you don’t know what is on that ground look in a mirror at yourself show your beauty so don’t be mad or sad just look on the world outside its waiting to show you love!  
About Me:     Im 11 years old i like dogs cats and more. I also like to be creative and do something like this every once and a while.

angel from Pakistan
School: academy
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Explanation: happiness is to me when I help someone. happiness is to me when I say sorry to God. happiness is to me when I listen music.

cat from United States
School: some
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Explanation: A girl likes this frog, but the frog does not like her.
About Me:     I love to read,sew,dance&play the Piano&bells

Gina\ Angie\ from India
School: washington street school \ WSS
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Explanation: happiness is when you are full of joy. I love to be happyy.
About Me:     hsgqrcyfg yytcovttXHKJYUCTQ1GTlup)Bwdreftxzgfct1

Nina from United States
School: Sage
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Explanation: Happiness is...when you cry because you are happy You laugh out of joy You smile and you are happy Happiness is...me right now.
About Me:     I am a young girl who is happy.

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