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zayzay from United States
School: dixie
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I read this great book: goose bumps
Written by: rl.stine
The book's main subject is: abought a honted summer camp
The author's main point is that: so you can be entertained
One of the most interesting things in this book is: the people that were going to the camp thought the people were ghost that they met then they were like no the people that are here are real people then they said to their selfs we dont belive in ghost but what the 2 brothers fount out is that the people that was there were ghost.
In my opinion, this book is: this book is pretty scarry and enterresting to me but if u dont think it is then you are dome as crackerjacks
I say this because: it is scary and intresting
About Me:     i like chocolsate and to rad and write

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