Critical and Analytical Thinking

Pandora's Box

Maybe you have already heard that someone, a journalist, your teacher or parents, refer to a complex situation as a "Pandora's box".

What is a Pandora's box? Who is Pandora and how did she get that box? Did she open the box? Can you think of an example where you can use the phrase "to open a Pandora's box"?

Do your research about this topic, and then send your answers here.

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Asia from United States
School: Middle school
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Explanation: I got a little puppy so cute and little  but when we got to the house it was Pooping all over the carpet  ran outside. Got muddy and went to the carpet Shook his fur . And mud went every were it was like opening the pandora Box!!!  and if you don't know what a pandora box is I am going to tell you It is a Greek myth  it's a box and every time you open it ,it releases evil  and crazy and it goes out fast so by the time you try and close it fast that's  It , it's already out 

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