Critical and Analytical Thinking

Pandora's Box

Maybe you have already heard that someone, a journalist, your teacher or parents, refer to a complex situation as a "Pandora's box".

What is a Pandora's box? Who is Pandora and how did she get that box? Did she open the box? Can you think of an example where you can use the phrase "to open a Pandora's box"?

Do your research about this topic, and then send your answers here.

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mary from United States
School: wompole
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Explanation: When we meet someone crying we can comfort them but use discernment when we can we would let them talk about their problems.
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pookie from United States
School: grace
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girl1234 from United States
School: Some School
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Explanation: Once upon a time there was a man named Hephaestus(Aphrodite's husband). One day Zeus ordered him to make Zeus a daughter she was the first women made out of clay. Hephaestus had made the beautiful women as commanded and named her Pandora. Zues sent his daughter down to earth so that she could marry Epimetheus who was a gental but yet lonley man. But Zeus was not doing this for his daughter he was doing this to get even.For Epimetheus and Prometheus where both brothers... Zeus had gotten mad at one of the brothers (prometheus)for giving people fire without asking permission of Zeus. So Zeus gave pandora a box with a big lock on it. He made her promise to never open the box and he gave the key to Pandora's husband and told him to never open the box. Zeus knew Epimetheus's curiosity would get the better of him. Pandora was very curious and one day she decided that she wanted to know what was in the box so she stole the key from her husband and opened the box. All disease,sickness,hate,and envy flew out of the box. Her husband Epimetheus woke up from the sound of her sobbing, he asked what had happened and she said "I opened the box and all these things flew out!" Pandora opened the box to show him how empty it was but before she had time to closee the lid a little blue bug flew out... she tried to catch it but couldn't. The little blue bug said "thankyou for releasing me now i am free and may spred hpoe through out the world". We now live in a world with envy,crime,hate,disease and-HOPE "TO OPEN PANDORAS BOX" MEANS TO GET INTO A SITUATION THAT WILL CAUSE GREAT GRIEF.
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zoe from Puerto Rico
School: ramey school dodea
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Explanation: I’ve found an expression that annoys me more than “deja vu all over again.” It’s “a box of Pandoras.”

nana from United States
School: hesse
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Explanation: hi pardora why did you open that ok that all byee nice to talk to u i love you
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Hamtaro from United States
School: Modern Adarsh Vidhyalaya
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Explanation: Is it stupid 
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