Critical and Analytical Thinking

Pandora's Box

Maybe you have already heard that someone, a journalist, your teacher or parents, refer to a complex situation as a "Pandora's box".

What is a Pandora's box? Who is Pandora and how did she get that box? Did she open the box? Can you think of an example where you can use the phrase "to open a Pandora's box"?

Do your research about this topic, and then send your answers here.

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isaiah9821 from United States
School: Longwood Elemantry
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Explanation: A pandora box is a large jar and not a box. Pandora was the first woman on earth her brother stole something from Zeus and Zeus said do not open it under any circumstances but she does anyway,she thought she would get in trouble but Zeus knew she would open the box and she does not get in trouble. An example is that when a police or ambulance car comes all the cars on the road go to the side if you dont you can get arrested pay alot of money to the city.
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big c from United States
School: l.h.williams
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Explanation: how did he go to the box?

ebby from United States
School: mbk
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Explanation: am nice and cool and i am a good student i work very hard 
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Anonymous from Somewhere
School: Some School
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Explanation: i like cookies

Yana from United States
School: Stockwell Elementary School
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Explanation: Pandora got in that box because she is silly ans funny! Well one phrase is "OPEN THE BOX!!!" Her box is a "JACK IN A BOX!!!"
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mary from United States
School: wompole
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Explanation: When we meet someone crying we can comfort them but use discernment when we can we would let them talk about their problems.
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