Think about the following proverbs and then write what you think they mean

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MaCayla from United States
School: willamina elementry
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1 A good friend is better then silver and gold means that a friend will be there for anythang and will alwas be there if they are a good friend. and silver and gold is not everthang.
2 ill sleep on it means like if someone ask you to go some were with them and you say ummm ill sleep on it and tell you tommorow
3 if you want it go get it
4 a lot of talk does not cook the rice means that if you just sit there and talk about it it is not going to get done at all enless you get up and do it
5 so that they dont have to exsplane it all and it is shorter to say like time if flying in stad of saying time is going by so fast today.
About Me:     I am in 6th grade im 12 years old. my eyes are green my hair is brown my best friends name is lily,Maleah,Taylor,Mariah,Liz And Jessica.

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