Think about the following proverbs and write what you think they mean:

 1. A good friend is better than silver and gold.
 2. I'll sleep on it.
 3. Where there is a will there's a way.
 4. A lot of talk does not cook the rice.
 5. Why do you think people like to use proverbs in their speech?
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rose from United States
School: homesckool
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1 It means a good friend is always there for you.
2 I'll think abought it
3 It means if your will really wants it you will go for it.
4 You halve to do something to get your way.
5 It makes it funnerare.

Nesyi from Ethiopia
School: Deez nutz
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1 yes
2 yes
3 yes
4 yes
5 yes
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vvbozemen from United States
School: no school
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1 5tg
2 5tg
3 5tg
4 5tg
5 5tg
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Bradley from United States
School: Era
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1 it means having a good friend is worth a lot more than money
2 it means that you wont do it
3 it means that there is a path you just have to find it
4 just talking doesn't get you anywhere your actions do
5 they use them in speech to entertain other people

diva from United States
School: some school
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1 A true friend
2 Think about it
3 Where there's a can you can do it
4 Talking doesn't help the situation
5 because they're fun to use and they're like idioms you can use them and understand them quite well
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ashawesomeness from United States
School: brooke grove elmentery
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1 a good friend is better than money
2 you think on a thought over night
3 when you put your mind to something you can do it
4 more work less play
5 to simplify your speek
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