Think about the following proverbs and write what you think they mean:

 1. A good friend is better than silver and gold.
 2. I'll sleep on it.
 3. Where there is a will there's a way.
 4. A lot of talk does not cook the rice.
 5. Why do you think people like to use proverbs in their speech?
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maryam from United States
School: jls
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1 like if you have a goodfriend that's mean that you have the better person and don't chose other one!
2 you will sleep above it!
3 don't know
4 that mean stop talking to much and do your homeworks!!!!!!!
5 can you think with me ?
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zz from United States
School: Some School
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2 i will think about it
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Anonymous from Somewhere
School: Some School
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1 a good friend lasts longer than any silver or gold.
2 Let me think about it first.
3 This can be done if we put our thoughts together.
4 Talk is cheap action is what solves the problem.
5 It sends a strong message that can be seen through thinking. We can apply it to our daily lives.

Talkester from United States
School: Winand Elem
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1 It means no monetary value can be placed on a true friend. They cannot be bought or sold for any amount of money.
2 This means you will take your time, consider all options, and think about whatever you are "sleeping on" or thoughts you are pondering.
3 Where there is a will there is a way means if a person tries hard enough they will find a way to accomplish what might seem impossible.
4 A lot of talk does not cook the rice means you cannot just talk about something and expect it to be accomplished. You have to get into action what your words stated to accomplish the task.
5 People like to use proverbs in their speech for several reasons. One would be to make something seem easier to digest for the listener. Another reason would be to help paint a picture in a form the listener might relate to. TO soften the blow of harsh reality for the listener. And it is phun....
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pee wee from United States
School: phillips academey
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1 Friend
2 I
3 Will
4 Talk
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class a from United States
School: Musaeus College
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1 something is better than nothing
2 never mind what it is if i get to sleep
3 there is a way for everything
4 stop talking start doing
5 because they dont want to tell the truth in a persons face
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