Think about the following proverbs and write what you think they mean:

 1. A good friend is better than silver and gold.
 2. I'll sleep on it.
 3. Where there is a will there's a way.
 4. A lot of talk does not cook the rice.
 5. Why do you think people like to use proverbs in their speech?
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nila from United States
School: harriet tubman
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1 a friend is worth it
2 I'll think about it
3 when u want something there is a way to get it
4 less talking more cooking
5 it help alot to make people understand
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Beast from United States
School: Harvard University
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1 Friends are valuable.
2 I'll wait to decide.
3 I don't know what this means.
4 Rice is what people eat. If you just talk, where is your proof to back it up.
5 It makes our statements more interesting.
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Melissa from United States
School: Some School
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1 Having a good friend is priceless.
2 I will think about it some more.
3 If you really want to do something, you will do it.
4 You should act, not waste time talking about something that needs to be accomplished.
5 It makes conversation more interesting.

meme from United States
School: litercyacion
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1 you can not find a friend as silver and gold
2 get over
3 you all ways have your way
4 just cook and hush
5 so it can make it easy understanding what you reading
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carrie from United States
School: wiodrige
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1 Becase money can't be there for you
2 Today
3 To solve a promblem
4 Talking about you can't do some thing try.
5 WhT is a pricerv
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lola from United States
School: badr
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1 a good friend is worthless i
2 i'll take care of it
3 you have to have a will to succeed
4 you have to act rather than talk
5 to give their words some exact meaning .

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