Think about the following proverbs and write what you think they mean:

 1. A good friend is better than silver and gold.
 2. I'll sleep on it.
 3. Where there is a will there's a way.
 4. A lot of talk does not cook the rice.
 5. Why do you think people like to use proverbs in their speech?
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Jhbvfsuhbvuahbdc from United States
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1 I think this one means you don't need a lot of money as long as you have friends.
2 It means you might find a solution to whatever you are sleeping and thinking about.
3 I think this means if you think you can you might be able to do whatever your trying to get. If you know you can you will be able to.
4 To talk more than do does not get stuff done.
5 To make younger people confused.
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Anonymous from Somewhere
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1 money
2 think about
3 u can do anything u want to do
4 gossip
5 to not make them selves feel bad about what they have said in the past

None from United States
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1 You can't put a price on friendship. Material things will come and go but a true friend sticks closer than a brother.
2 Allow me time to think the matter through.
3 A strong determined mind will make happen what they set out to do.
4 You won't get anything done by words. You must take action.
5 To paint a better picture than just words alone can express.
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Brookie from United States
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1 I think this means you should have a good friend because in life silver and gold don't matter as much as a good friend would.
2 I think I'll sleep on it means if you got a piece of information and didn't know how to reply yet you would say I'll sleep on it because you don't want to pick the wrong thing you've got to think it over.
3 I think this means if you say will we sneak out theres always a way to find how to sneak out and when to sneak out.
4 I think this means if you talk a lot it doesn't help for the person your talking to if they're doing something.
5 I think people like to use proverbs in their speeches because they think it's easier to do it that way.
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Asha from Canada
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1 A good friend is valuable.
2 I will think about it
3 If you want to do something enough, it is possible.
4 Talking about something will not get it done.
5 Because it is faster than trying to explain an idea as everyone knows what they mean.
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kanagiss from France
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1 i have a good friend like a silver and gold
2 i will sleep in a bed
3 it is there
4 i look you
5 dafdsgnuhyhuckuh9cccn
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