Think about the following proverbs and write what you think they mean:

 1. A good friend is better than silver and gold.
 2. I'll sleep on it.
 3. Where there is a will there's a way.
 4. A lot of talk does not cook the rice.
 5. Why do you think people like to use proverbs in their speech?
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Anonymous from Somewhere
School: Some School
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1 that a friend will last longer then silver or gold
2 ill think about it whilst i sleep
3 there's always hope
4 dont talk just work
5 to shorten what they want to say

mcmc from United States
School: public school 213
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1 your friend is worth more than anything you could think of
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Teen from Australia
School: DPS
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1 Good friends need medals.
2 I will think about it.
3 I will beat it.
4 Talking doesn't get it done.
5 Scared of direct speech.
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mickey from United States
School: northland
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1 It means more to have a friend than sliver or gold .
2 In other words I'll think about .
3 I will find a way to do it.
4 in other words stop talking and get the rice done.
5 To get their point across
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Anonymous from Somewhere
School: Some School
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1 A good friend is worth more than riches.
2 I will give you an answer tomorrow.
3 if you have perseverance, you will always prevail.
4 use the tools that relate to the problem.
5 It is good to give people a metaphor, because it helps people understand what you are talking about

nila from United States
School: harriet tubman
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1 a friend is worth it
2 I'll think about it
3 when u want something there is a way to get it
4 less talking more cooking
5 it help alot to make people understand
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