What's the Number?

When a certain number is divided by 9, the quotient is 88 and the
remainder is 8.

Q1. What was the original number?

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Salka from Pakistan
School: The educators
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Your answer: 800.:)
Explanation: 88x9+8
About Me:     I read in grade 7 i am smart i like maths too much i dis like s.st i speak Urdu some times i speak English. Iam sooooooooooooo cuuute and sooooooooooooo coooooooooooooool iam jolly girl.;)

leni from United States
School: nobel middle school
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Your answer: 10
About Me:     im in sixth grade I am really smart

anyomus from United States
School: Ulloa
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Your answer: 800
Explanation: I did 9 times 88 and got 792 but, the remainder is 8 so, I added 8 to 792 which gives me 800.then I tried out 800 divided by 9 and got 88 remainder 8.

maire from United States
School: union elementry
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Your answer: 9
Explanation: It is 9 because 9x9=81.
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Anonymous from Somewhere
School: Some School
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Your answer: 123, 321
Explanation: the number forward and backward

Maggie from United States
School: AMS
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Your answer: 800
Explanation: 88x9=792+8=800
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