An alien is here!

A friendly creature visits you from another planet. You do not know each other’s language, but you are eager to show him around the planet Earth.

Think about what you would show the alien about life on Earth.

Things of nature?

Human-made things?

Make a list of ten things you would like to show to the alien:


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nickelete from United States
School: halifax county middle school
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1 how to talk like a human .
2 and how to dress right .
3 and i would like to show him how to eat .
4 and how to drink right.
5 how to play with other human biends.
6 i will show him or her my room ,
7 i would show him or her where to sleep .
8 would you keep a alien at your house.
9 whell i would if i were you.
10 this is the best day i ever had dount you think this is the best day ever in your intier life because i do.
About Me:     I like to play the game I got and it is resident evil 6 and I love that game and I love to play with my two sisters name yasheia crocker and yasheka crocker and my name is patience Faulkner

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